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     Cards with concept or skill, i.e. letters of the alphabet
     A “bad” card – this could be card that says “BOO!” or “MEOW” depending on the game.
     A container to hold the game cards. I prefer a can with a lid for this type of game.

Here is an example from this website.  MEOW – GRAB AND GO -  When open this file you will see a card with the letters of the alphabet and the word MEOW in several squares. Copy this card, laminate and cut out the squares.  Place all the squares in the container. In turn each child pulls a card from the container. If the child can identify the letter, he keeps the card. Continue in this manner. If, however, a child can not identify the letter, the card goes back in the container. If the child picks a MEOW card, he must put all his cards back in the container. Play continues until all the cards are selected or time runs out. You do not have to use all the MEOW cards. You decide how many to put in the container.