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Valentine's Day Geometry Worksheets
    These have a heart background to them, but could definitely be used to review geometry at an earlier or later time.
        3D Shapes
        Similar and Congruent

Perimeter and Area Worksheet

Perimeter of Polygons Worksheet (you must write in lengths)

Daily Homework Blank (you must write in amounts)

Extended Response Math problems
    These were adapted from the Illinois Board of Education practice ISAT books, FCAT practice tests, Alabama practice tests and various other sources to allow my students to practice for the ISAT test.

NEW Mrs. Pirman's Floor
        Angie's Experiement
        Barbara and Debbie's Spinners
        The Basketball Team
        Big and Small Sleds
        Birthday Tallys
        Bristol Garden Center
        Claire's Bookmarks
        Corey's Problems
        Downtown Park
        Flower Garden
        Food Collecting
        Heart Balance
        Ice Cream treats
        John's Spinner
        Kim's Spinner
        Lee Goes Shopping
        Leg Problem
        Machine X
        Machine Y
        Main Street Map
        Marco's School Supplies
        Marcus' Sub
        Maya's View
        Mr. Halifax's Pizza
        Mrs. Martin's Floor
        Mrs. Redpost's Floor
        Ms. Chung's Candy
        Painting the Parking Lot
        Perimeter and Area Grid
        Reading Club
        Soccer team Ranking
        Suzie's Stamps
        Test Scores
        The I