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Center Rotation Board.JPG (40684 bytes)

This is a picture of our class center rotation board.

Cover for small popcorn word album.JPG (37498 bytes)

I finally figured out what to do with all those Wal-Mart photo albums.

Mrs. Armstrong's page in the small popcorn word album.JPG (38993 bytes)

Every child and adult has a page in the popcorn word album. Children practice writing their names and the names of others during center time. There is even a page for Zero the Hero.

Zero the Hero.JPG (47193 bytes) This is Zero the Hero. He comes to visit every tenth day of school. He always brings a zero shaped snack or trinket.
Housekeeping 1.JPG (41401 bytes)

This is one of our centers. Right now it is the housekeeping center, throughout the year it will change to a pizza parlor and several other things.

How many letter in name graph.JPG (39565 bytes)

We do a great deal of graphing. This is an example of one of our early graphs.

Library Book Return Area.JPG (39860 bytes)

Each week we go to the library. Each child checks out one book. I put a card with their name and my name in the library pocket. This helps if a book gets lost. When the book is returned, I remove the card and place it in the wall pocket. The book is placed in the tub. With this system, I can tell at a glance who has not returned their library book.

Morning Meeting Area.JPG (40681 bytes)

This is our morning meeting area. It includes the months of the year, calendar, days of the week as well as our birthday chart.

Reading Garden.JPG (41455 bytes)

This is one of our centers called the reading garden. It includes big books, flannel board stories, class-made books, and more. It is decorated with lighted trees and seasonal decorations.

Popcorn Word Wall.JPG (39849 bytes)

This is a small portion of our sight word, popcorn words, word wall. We add a word or two a week.