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Popcorn Practice Idea
        I purchased a box of paper popcorn bags at Sams that had 350 bags in it for $3.59 .  They are white and are labeled "Popcorn" on the front with a red/white popcorn graphic.  You'd find them in the same section with microwave popcorn. 
I have been printing a list of 4 or 5 sight words each week for my class.  The children take the list and cut the words and then take them home in their popcorn bag to practice at home.  The parents have been telling me how much the children like to read their popcorn words and getting them to practice hasn't been a big chore.  Since the bags are so inexpensive, I can afford to send one each week with the students with their new words.  I have two children already reading at a 2nd grade level so their words are more thematic words than basic sight words but they still get their set of words in a popcorn bag, too.